Thursday, 26 February 2009

Dinner 3 - Leonie's Menu

We are all eagerly awaiting the third installment in our eating odyssey, Leonie's evening!
She has handed over her menu, here it is for your delectation as well as some of her discerning guests' first reactions...

Strawberry, watercress and goats cheese salad

Cheese fondue with bread and veg

Rhubarb, apple and blackberry crumble

Gabriela sounds keen: "This menu sounds like a dream. A dream of joy! Apple crumble of any kind is the way to my heart. And cheese. Especially goat's cheese. Yum yum.
My only sadness about this menu is the fact that I cannot eat myself into oblivion. Why? Because I have to wear a white leotard the next day for a film - I'm playing a ghost, but I'd rather be playing a cheese fondue pot. Maybe I'll make a suggestion to the filmmakers..."

And Philippa's pleased too: "Starter sounds exciting and I LOVE rhubarb so pudding will be just my sort of thing.
I had a bad experience with cheese fondue in my youth but will put that out of my mind for Leonie’s dinner party and give her the chance to impress me and help me put my bad memories behind me!"

And last time's host Rhydian is happy the heat is off him! "SOOoooo looking forward to this. Leonie's menu sounds amazing!
I've never had strawberry, watercress and goats cheese together before. Sounds really exciting!
Main - Always love a good fondue (hope there's a load of white wine in there)!
Dessert - A good home made crumble is my favorite (drowning in cream, obvs!)

What do you make of this menu? We'll be posting the full report next week!

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