Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Leonie's Dinner Party!

It was a bit of wait for our next dinner date, due to all our diners leading busy lives so everyone was raring to get stuck in to Leonie's evening of meat-free fun! Thank goodness no-one is Lactose intolerant as her menu promised to be a cheese feast!

Our guests were greeted with zingy Margaritas so got into the party mood as soon as they arrived. The usual slew of bottles and choccies were forthcoming, hooray!
Rhydian had time for a bit of nosing around in Leonie's considerable wardrobe while we waited for Gabriela who had inadvertently ended up in Camden due to getting on the wrong bus!

But we were all happy to see her arrive in one piece (if a little bit late)!

So first up, our starter, an unusual combination of Strawberry with Soft Goat's cheese with a Watercress salad and balsamic dressing. Served on dainty little plates atop a darling vintage tablecloth.

Guests wolfed it down, having waited for Gabriela, and Leonie nipped into the kitchen to put the finishing touches to her main course spread...

Cheese Fondue!

It was a bit of drama, trying to get the measurement of meths right for the burner but soon we were cookin'! Or at least heatin'! And eatin'... Dippables included traditional cubed bread, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and new potatoes.

Forfeits were threatened for anyone who dropped their dip into the pot, apparently that's the punishment laid down by the Swiss for such bad table manners.

Next up, Dessert...

Our hostess sprinkled a last dusting of cinnamon onto her Rhubarb and Apple Crumble and served with lashings of cream and ice cream...

Then, in classic CDWM style, it was time for the after dinner entertainment, no, not yodelling or alpine horn blowing, thank God. But Roulette!

That green table cloth served a dual purpose! Guests were issued chips and bets were placed...

Lucky Miss Philippa cleaned up and showed the guests the full extent of her competative side, did she leave them wondering about her scoring tactics?!?!?!

Our hardcore hostess and Rhydian rounded off the evening with a couple of Tequila shots while secret scoring took place in the kitchen. Stay tuned for the scored and our final two meals!


  1. Looks great. I would like to try that starter - but was the goat's cheese overpowering combined with the delicate strawberries?

  2. Hi Amy!

    Actually it was a really soft mild and light goat's cheese so was quite refreshing. I highly recommend!

    jj x

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  4. philippa cardinal is the most competitive person i know, other than me. it doesn't surprise me at all she played to win.

    [i deleted cause of a typo - now i look like a freak!]

  5. Hello
    I am doing a piece for the Indy on how brilliant CDWM is and how it's spawned copycat sessions up and down the country. I would love to get in touch with whoever organised Fundinewithme to see if maybe you'd be up for having a quick chat with me about it... ta lena

  6. Hi lena,

    I started this blog and I'd be happy to chat to you about it. You can email or post your contact details here.

    jenny jenny xx

  7. HI
    I though I emailed you on that account but guess i failed! can you mail me on and we'll try and have a chat. thankyou Lena