Sunday, 15 February 2009

Dinner 2 - Rhydian's Night

Our second host is Rhydian, who has professed his lack of cooking skills, but will he be shown to be bluffing? Or will our guests overlook culinary disasters as long as everybody has a ball?

Here is Rhydian's menu, given to the guests before the evening, and a few of their reactions to it...

Rhydian's Interactive Feast

Main Course


Philippa says -
I think he's very ambitious making pizza for five people - and pancakes too! I wouldn't do it! But I think it's going to be a really fun one - interactive dining.

Leonie -
Pizza and pancakes - I like both, but it doesn't sound too exciting - maybe he's playing it safe and doing something simple, but something simple really, really well (that old chestnut!)
What's gonna be with the pancakes? Fingers crossed for sugar and lemon. Mmm...

and Gabriela responds - Interactive feast? Does this mean we'll be cooking our own meals?!
I think we'll have to rename this session of Fun Dine With Me, and change it to :Please Don't Let Rhydian Make Me Ill Dine With Me.

So what will Rhydian turn out for our demanding contestants? Will everyone drink as much wine as at Philippa's? Does the guests nosing around know no bounds? Answers to these questions and more when we reveal Rhydian's dinner here soooooooon!

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  1. Once Rydian cooked me a roast and then gave me poppers for dessert. Now THAT would be FUN Dine With Me!