Monday, 9 February 2009

Philippa's Dinner Party!

So at 7.30 on Sunday evening, Philipa had everything under control. She whipped up a quick batter for some after dinner cakes and showed me her impressive collection of cake tins. The tagines were stewing slowly on the hob and cocktail glasses awaited the guests arrival...

I had done my best to keep all the contestants secret from each other, which was quite a task what with my big mouth and having 4 of them all in the same club the night before. Rhydian and Nadia had found out they were both in, so arrived together (and completely covered in snow). Then Leonie, kindly brandishing a bottle (as was everybody else, oh dear!). Shortly followed by Gabriela.

Everybody was greeted with a delightful glass of Prosecco with Pomegranate juice and we all got acquainted. Some guests already know each other but others are meeting for the first time. Such fun!

After the obligatory snooping around a la Come Dine, the group sat down at Philippa's beautifully laid table. Set with her Grandparent's silverware and with a simple white cloth it was an elegant setting for the first course...

Homemade mushroom pate with toasted ciabatta and green salad.

What do you think?

Next up...

The main course of Vegetable Tagine or Lamb Tagine (below) served with herb and pomegranate cous cous.

As guests listened to the cool disco-y soundtrack, discussed Giles Coren and opened bottle after bottle of wine. Phillipa plated up her dessert...

Baked Cheesecake!

I can personally assure you it was sublimely creamy and delicious.

Then a little after dinner extra, the vanilla flavoured little cakes (whose proper name I can't remember but a recipe will follow soon!)

As if we weren't all fit to burst by then, we broke open the boxes of Ferrero Rocher and luscious Thorntons chocolates that Nadia and Rhydian had brought for our host.

Secret voting was taking place in the kitchen but we kept Philippa distracted with the chocolates!

Then all the guests departed into the snowy london streets and via snowball fights with strangers, snow angels and slipping over, finally made it home. Philippa has certainly set the bar high and all other contestants are seriously considering their menus, trying for top marks!

Scores will be revealed as soon as all 5 dinners are done, but until then, what do you rate the meal?

Also, keep an eye out for Philippa's recipes, they'll be up soon too...

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  1. Dinner parties are always fun to attend. I had attended dinner party with my friend at Chicago event venues and we enjoyed different types of recipes there. Well Loved this mushroom pate a lot and it looks yummy. Will try it some other time in party.