Friday, 10 April 2009

Nadia's Menu

Next up to host is Nadia, she now reveals what our diners are in for...

Spring medley asparagus (English) with poached egg (and prosciutto ham)


Wild Mussels marinas with bread or fries


Caramelised banana split.

Cheese selection

And what are their first reactions? Here's what Gabriela had to say...

Menu looks interesting indeed. And, I'm impressed that she's going to attempt 5 poached eggs. I wonder if she's using a poacher? If not, very impressive. I'll have to get tips.

Is there any way to check where these 'Mussels' are from? (I hope she didnt fish them out of the canal.)

Worry not Gabriela, Nadia went to great lengths to find the freshest WILD mussels in London and didn't just nab some out of Clapton pond.

And Philippa... Looks ambitious but a very impressive sounding menu. And bonus points may be in order for the cheese board!

First reaction from Leonie...
So... despite being a lifelong vegetarian, once in a blue moon I will have a seafood craving and chow down on some mussels (they're the only fishy thing I can hack, because they don't have eyes.). Nadia has obviously discovered this, and so tonight will be a blue moon night. They better taste good though - I don't want those little critters to have sacrificed themselves in vain.

I'm not a massive asparagus fan, but I do love a good poached egg - will there be a ham substitute for me and Gab? We shall see....

Caramelised banana split sounds ammmazing. And hell, you know what I'm like around a cheese board. Can't wait!

The full report will follow shortly along with a selection of Nadia's recipes. Is she on to a winner?

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